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Annual & Sustainability Report

Landsbankinn’s performance was good in 2023 and the Bank is securely funded. We continued to launch new and exciting solutions that simplify life for customers, are leading in the open banking system and top the Icelandic Performance Satisfaction index for customers in the banking market for the fifth year in a row. Core operations are sound, the cost-income ratio has never been lower and the Bank has a positive impact on Icelandic society.

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Five years in a row!

Landsbankinn was ranked highest by banking customers in the Icelandic Performance Satisfaction index 2023, for the fifth year running. 


of international funding is green 


of all consultations managed by team in rural Iceland 

Over 14,000 customers booked appointments for financial advice in 2023. The vast majority of such appointments were handled by our employees in rural Iceland. 


The open banking system has arrived 

In summer 2023, we offered customers the option to gather their bank accounts, both with Landsbankinn and other banks, in one place - our app! 


of total car loan amounts are for electric vehicles 


legal entities became customers 

Helga Björk Eiríksdóttir, formaður bankaráðs

The Icelandic economy showed resilience and drive in 2023, despite various challenges. While economic growth has slowed, the outlook for 2024 remains good, provided inflation can be brought under control and conditions created for rate cuts.

From the Chairman of the Board
Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, bankastjóri

The operating year 2023 was strong for the Bank but also a year of milestones and changes. We are proud that banking customers are most satisfied with Landsbankinn’s service and intend to continue to simplify life for them and have a positive impact on Icelandic society.

From the Chief Executive Officer

The profit of Landsbankinn in 2023 was ISK 33.2 billion after taxes, compared with ISK 17.0 billion in 2022. After-tax return on equity for 2023 was 11.6%, compared with 6.3% the previous year.

Profit (ISKbn)
Return on equity
Total capital ratio
Sustainability and society

We are leading in sustainability, an ambitious participant in public debate on economic affairs and an active publisher on varied topics. Our goal is to have a positive impact on Icelandic society and be a desirable workplace.

Stelpa í síma
Continuous development

Landsbankinn has emphasised development of its digital service platform in recent years and especially Landsbankinn’s app. We want our customers, both retail and corporate, to be able to tend to their banking business easily at anytime and anywhere.

Fólk úti í náttúru

At the core of our strategy - Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank - is the ideal of mutual trust and a personal approach to banking. We want to take advantage of all the opportunities technology affords without losing our personal touch. The strategy also describes our dynamic ability to develop and evolve.


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