Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank

At the core of our strategy - Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank - is the ideal of mutual trust and a personal approach to banking. We want to take advantage of all the opportunities technology affords without losing our personal touch. The strategy also describes our dynamic ability to develop and evolve.

Fólk úti í náttúru

Implementation of the strategy began in 2021. Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank, directly supports our purpose of offering trusted banking for the future. These words capture the Bank’s core purpose which refers to and builds on our history going back to the establishment of Landsbanki Íslands in 1886.


Trust is the Bank’s core value, a common thread that runs through the entire operation, connecting customer relations and external partners to internal and general activities. Customers can trust that we are there for them and that the Bank is confidently managed.

Pillars of the strategy

The strategy rests on four sound pillars that support the key elements necessary to excel in the long term.

Positive impact
Satisfied customers
Continuous development
Passion for success

Positive impact. Landsbankinn is a part of its environment, Icelandic society. We are focused on being a positive and dynamic force throughout Iceland and on promoting future welfare for the country and its inhabitants. The Bank’s positive impact is measured in participation in the community, dividend payments and successful work on sustainability. 

Robust operation should deliver steady and good profits and support regular dividend payments.If the 2024 AGM approves the dividend proposal of the Board of Directors, the Bank will have paid its owners a total of ISK 191.7 billion in 2013-2024. Landsbankinn ranks highly in the ESG risk assessment of international rating agency Sustainalytics with negligible risk - this is among the best results of any European bank. In recent years, the Bank’s green funding has grown to 26.6% of total funding. The Bank is a proud supporter of sports and youth activities as well as advancement initiatives, with over ISK 450 million donated to such activities in the past three years.

Satisfied customers. This pillar is about simplifying life for customers and also relates to the personal aspect of Landsbankinn’s service. We always find a way to do even better and successfully respond to challenges. This involves initiative, the mindset behind Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank. We put customer satisfaction first and aim to offer accessible and secure banking anywhere and anytime.

The Bank’s brand is strong and in a class of its own. People understand that we are better together and growing customer numbers and fee income reflect that fact. Our customers are the best satisfied in the banking market and we are focused on anticipating their needs and on finding appropriate solutions. We capitalise on the strength of our human resources by connecting our Customer Service Centre and branches around the country. This allows us to provide customers with the best service while also having a positive impact country wide.

Continuous development. Robust and stable operations along with a strong balance sheet form the foundation for the progress that allows us to grow ever smarter.

Technical innovation is not only a factor in developing customer service but also in solidifying the Bank’s operation and ensuring stability in financial services. Stable operations revolve largely around what’s under the hood; unseen, yet nevertheless the foundation for further development. This includes ambition and positive attitude towards change. Success is achieved by a dynamic team that takes care of important tasks linked to operations, efficiency, development, quality, funding, financial statements, control and other indispensable functions.

Passion for success. The workplace should be an environment that fosters excellence for both customers and employees. Passion for success refers to personal success but also joint success achieved by a positive and solution-oriented team that works across departments to provide exceptional service. Our corporate culture is success-driven, guided by the interests of our customers, the community, our colleagues and owners.

The move to Reykjastræti 6 has gone well. Since the move, 80% of the Bank’s team now works together under one roof in the workplace of tomorrow. The objectives we set for efficiencies and a modern work environment that contributes to improved collaboration and a success-driven culture have been achieved.

Clear goals support the strategy

Landsbankinn’s strength builds on its team, corporate culture, image and reputation. It rests on the Bank’s business relationships and understanding of its customer base. A sound balance sheet that can withstand shock further cements its strength. 

Success is only achieved when everyone works toward common goals. Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank, is the concept that underpins the Bank’s business plan at each time and is the common thread in all undertakings. Clearly formed key goals supported by strategic projects, effective implementation and well-reasoned decisions guided by long-term interests result in trusted banking for our future.

That’s Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank.


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