Satisfied customers

Modern and personal financial service that simplifies life

We take full advantage of technology to provide first-rate banking service and simplify life for our customers. At the same time, we take care to offer professional, personal service and financial advice for both businesses and individuals. 

Íslenska Ánægjuvogin 2023

Satisfied customers

Landsbankinn was ranked highest by banking customers in the Icelandic Performance Satisfaction Index 2023, the fifth year running.

Stelpa í síma

Smarter banking built on technical innovation and personal service

Landsbankinn takes full advantage of digital service channels to advance its operation and simplify life for customers. In recent years, development of Landsbankinn’s app has been one of our main priorities. We want our customers, both retail and corporate, to be able to tend to their banking business easily, anytime and anywhere.


Sound and sophisticated financial service

We simplify life for our customers by offering smart solutions that make our services accessible when and where needed. The personal touch remains indispensable and by drawing on the great resource that is our team in rural Iceland, we are able to offer even better banking service.


Solid support and new solutions for companies

A record number of corporate customers joined Landsbankinn in 2023 and new corporate customers are up by 18% between years. We continued to support a vital economy with secure funding and new digital solutions through our fantastic app.

Kona með hesta

Reliable communication and increased use of self-service solutions

Customers adapted quickly to new solutions and emphasis was placed on enhancing the quality of communication with customers through increased use of self-service solutions and robust information sharing. High interest rate levels, persistent inflation and the expectation that it will continue to persist in conjunction with looming difficult collective bargaining negotiations in the labour market impacted the market significantly in 2023.


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