Sustainability and society

Positive impact on sustainable development and society

We are leading in sustainability, an ambitious participant in public debate on economic affairs and an active publisher on varied topics. Our goal is to have a positive impact on Icelandic society and be a desirable workplace.

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Key sustainability initiatives

In 2023, we hosted Landsbankinn’s Sustainability Forum for the second time, assessed greenhouse gas emissions from our credit portfolio for the third time and adopted science-based emission targets which were approved in February 2024. Seven interesting projects received grants from Landsbankinn’s Sustainability Fund in the second round of allocations and we remain a global leader according to the ESG risk rating of Sustainalytics.

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Climate issues

We put a great deal of effort and ambition into knowing the environmental impact of our operation. We continue to analyse our carbon footprint and our impact on society with the goal of increasing our positive impact.

Sustainability accounts

We comply with the GRI Standards option and the Annual & Sustainability Report also functions as a Communication of Progress report to the UN Global Compact. We will continue to support the Global Compact and adhere to its guidelines.

Starfsfólk Landsbankans

Human resources and equality

Human resources are always an important aspect of the Bank’s operation. We emphasise professional development, a good work environment and positive corporate culture in all our undertakings. The Bank’s employees are a font of knowledge and experience, and they build on a strong tradition of taking on new professional skills. This allows us to maintain a good balance between experienced personnel and new team members.

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Community support

We participate in various projects that encourage development and progress in society and strive to throw our weight behind different projects and associations around the country. Our aim is to support both sports, culture and the arts, in addition to charities and education. We publish a wide variety of content on the economy and are focused on contributing to education and debate about finances. 


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